Transformer Dead Planet

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Game Description:

Transformer Dead Planet Game
Play free online transformer dead planet games on enjoy our collection of transformers games. optimus prime, leader of the benevolent autobots, the autobots want to find the all spark so they can use it to rebuild cybertron and end the war, help him finish all mission. he is one of the strongest and bravest robot you have ever met, and he will not back down from any of his missions, no matter how dangerous they are and how many enemies he has to front. especially, when he knows he can count on your help boys. your friend, optimus prime, awaits you in this game specially designed for you boys, a game with action, shooting and a lot of adventure. help the leader of the transformers team, optimus prime, win another battle against megatron and his evil followers. shoot them in order to destroy them and watch out for other obstacles.  good luck in your mission to help optimus prime save his planet from the decepticons!

How to play:

Use arrow keys, spacebar, letters B, P, N

Tips and Tricks:

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