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Game Description:

Dear friends!

Today, we are really excited to bring a new game to you, it's called Trial of the Dragun game. We think you are going to enjoy so lets start with this new game. Trial of the Dragun is a battle game in which you control a hero and battle other dragons. Using your own strengths to battle with these dragons and get the win!

In the game, you will be equipped with a gun. Your opponents are dragons, they are also equipped with large guns. Do you think Dragun will squash you with its gargantuan might? Don't worry about that! If you know how to move to avoid the bullets of the dragon and shoot at it at the right time. You will definitely eliminate these dragons.

Observe the screen of the game you will see an HP bar on the left corner. When you are attacked, the HP bar drops. When the HP bar is reduced to 0, you lose and the game will also over.

This game has fun music, an easy way to control the game, suitable for children of all ages. Especially the little kids who love dragons. If you like this game, you can also play other games with the same gameplay such as Dragon Glauron Tales,, Dragon and the Zodiac...

How to play:

- Use the arrows keys to move around
- Shoot with W key or Z key.

Tips and Tricks:

- Avoid all bullets from dragons, otherwise, you will quickly lose

- Move up and down, or left or right to avoid all dragon bullets

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We hope that you are ready for a lot of fun and interesting games here on our website If you like this cool game, then try it once. We make sure you have a great time with this game. While enjoying this game, you can also play many other great dinosaur games on our website. The online dinosaur games, coloring games, dinosaur pictures ... All of them are free. You will be free to choose any game you want. Wish you happy gaming!


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