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Volleyball is a great sport! Everyone loves the wonderful game in which you need to hit hard the white ball and defend your territory together with your team. The dinosaur like also this sport. They are very into it. The dinosaurs have now a big challenge in front of them: they will play a match of volleyball against the blondes. As unusual as it seems prehistoric people sometimes had dinosaurs opponents not only humans. Do you think you can give a hand to the poor dinosaurs? Test now our new free online game VolleyBall with Dinosaur and see what it takes to be a good volleyball player together with the friendly dinosaurs. In each level you have to face a dinzoaur and as you advance enemies waiting all stronger and more skilled. If the ball touches the ground in your side of the field, your opponent will get a point. If you collect more points you lose and you have to start from the beginning. Everything is possible and therefore should not give in to win this game. Do your best to get the top players. Watch out during the game cause your opponents are tricky and they will try make direct shots in order to strike and score points. Have fun while playing the game. Thank you for choosing our new free game on dinosaursgames.net

How to play:

Use the mouse to play this game.

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