Weapon Quest 3D

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Game Description:

Weapon Quest 3D Game.
In Weapon Quest 3D, the player can choose a warrior and its class either archer or swordswoman. Then, there's an NPC where you can get quest, buy items, etc.As soon as the player is done with the quest, there will be rewards that he/she will receive such as exp, gold, and potions.This game also has a dungeon, but be careful because the mobs that are living in there are more advanced and have more skills than the mobs that are living in the greenfield. The player can also craft items like sword or bow, and armor.
AdventureQuest 3D is a fantasy MMORPG and the sequel to the 2D browser RPG AdventureQuest, evolving two dimensions into three. Players are not tied to a single class, but can change between unlocked classes at any time; from Warrior to Mage or Necromancer to Paladin, players are given the freedom to decide what class works best in the moment. Explore the world of Lore, brimming with terrifying dragons, undead hordes, and colorful magic. Play the same character from multiple devices on the go, such as any Android phone or tablet, or on a Mac computer. Gameplay is designed to be experienced in quick bursts, allowing players to make the time pass as they wait on line. Party up with your friends with an easy system that lets players group with only two quick taps to summon or be summoned by a friend. Even players who aren't the same level will be able to dungeon crawl together thanks to automatic "side-kicking," boosting player levels to match when in a party. Even old weapons have a use in AdventureQuest 3D. Combine armor and weapons through fusion to create powerful equipment, potentially transforming a beginner's sword into end-game weaponry.
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How to play:

QSDZ, ASDW, The arrows-Move

T- Quest Log
Esc- Quit Window
K- Skill Window
I- Inventory
C- Status
123- Skill
Mouse- Aim Attack
SHIFT- Sprint

Tips and Tricks:

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