Wild Forest Hunter

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Game Description:

Wild Forest Hunter is an interesting shooting action game which was developed by Night Owl Gaming LLC - a famous web game developer. This game is released in December 2018. Your task is this game is to shoot as many animals as you can before the timer runs out, you'll have to achieve a minimum score to advance to the next map.

Entering the game, you are a hunter and you are hunting animals in the forest. There are many different animals such as deer, rhinos, monkeys, lions, wild boars, zebras, even birds fly in the sky. You need to hunt these animals by aiming and shooting at them. You must take your shots carefully to gain the minimum required score. The more animals you shoot, the higher your score will be. And you will be easy to advance to the next another levels.
The game has 6 different maps. During each level, there will be different hunting challenges that require you to concentrate and overcome these challenges to achieve the highest score.

The graphics in the game are cool, and the shooting mechanism is fun too that suitable for all players of all ages. If you love this game, then try to play it here now. We make sure that you will have a great time with this game.

Prominent Features:

Wild animal shooting game
Six different maps
Various animals

How to play:

Press left mouse button to shoot.
Escape Key - Pause menu.

Tips and Tricks:

- First time load can be slow - if it freezes or gives an error when you just refresh the webpage and it will resume downloading the game files to cache.

- If you want to shoot accuracy the animals, then you can try aiming a bit in front of the animals before shooting. Or you can shoot randomly and hope at least some animals go down.


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