You Are The Tyrannosaurus Rex

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Game Description:

About You Are The Tyrannosaurus Rex Game

You Are The Tyrannosaurus Rex is an interesting action game, this also is a dinosaur theme game will be introduced to you today, with beautiful graphics, thrilling content in which your task is to destroy everything! Try to get as many points as you can to become the winner in the game!

Enter in the game, you control a Tyrannosaurus Rex. You will eat people and destroy everything along the way, such as cars, trucks, woodcutters, human...

Be an angry Tyrannosaurus-Rex dinosaur destroying the barn and attacking all around it. Be careful with the armed people that can cause serious problems for you. You will be a brave dinosaur and will overcome the attack and detention of the enemy. The life of the Tyrannosaurus-Rex dinosaurs is up to you!

In this game with 16 levels, each level will be a barrier for you to pass, each level is a challenge for you. Each time you complete a level, you will gain points. Try to get as many points as you can. Every time you kill a human or destroy objects in the map, you get points.

In this game with the special graphics, music fun, very phù hợp với trẻ em ở mọi lứa tuổi. You can experience this game on your browser for free.

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How to play:

Use W, A, D to move your dinosaur,

Click the mouse left to eat everything.

Tips and Tricks:

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