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Game Description:

Hi friends! Today, we are excited that bring to you a new Yutyrannus Dino Coloring Page. This Yutyrannus Dino Coloring Page is a great activity for kids who love dinosaur. As you can see from this amazing picture, Yutyrannus had feathers on its body. The function of feathers is perhaps protection from cold weather. And it was also a robust meat-eating dinosaur, about 9m long, and it has three fingers on its forelimb instead of two. If you like this dinosaur, you can print it out then using crayons or colored pencils to create a vivid picture. Or color online on our site. To color for this dino, you will have to be very careful and creative, because this is going to be a new animal and dinosaurs coloring game. This image can be filled with water, pencil or crayon colors by kids to give it a realistic feel. You can color Yutyrannus dinosaurs any color you want. You can color the vegetation with green, the sun with yellow, the flower with red ...After completing the coloring, and you can see that you will have one of the most interesting and attractive dinosaurs coloring pictures from our website. Have fun!

How to play:

Use the mouse to color

Tips and Tricks:

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